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Everything to know about Globalmark. We answer your most frequently asked questions.

1. What’s Globalmark?An affordable outsourcing agency that provides virtual/ remote employees specialized in marketing, web development, and graphic design to companies that want to reduce labour costs.

2. What departments can I outsource?

  • Graphic Design
  • IT and Web/App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic & Traditional Marketing
  • Photography & Video editing

3. Is there an additional fee for the account manager?No, there are no additional fees for the account manager. It is included in the package. The account managers' role is to physically supervise and direct your employees.

4. How do I know if my virtual employees are capable of taking care of my business and its customers?Your virtual employees are highly skilled in their field with at least 7 years of experience. They have gone through an evaluation and vetting process to be in your workforce.  You can also demo our services through a contract-free period of up to 1 month before deciding to proceed with one of our packages.

5. What are your packages?

  • 2 months
  • 6 Months
  • One year
  • Two years

6. Can I hire my virtual employees for a set period of time?Yes, you can. Let us know the number of hours you need them for and we will send you an estimate based on your description. Hourly rates may vary for this type of appointment.

7. Is there a possibility to work overtime?Yes, it is possible. Notify your account manager 2-3 days prior (minimum) to arrange a team member to work overtime on a project. These hours will be invoiced as an extra charge and will be reflected on your billing.

8. Can I hire my virtual employees on a part-time basis? (20 hours per week)Yes, you can hire your virtual employees on a part-time basis. Send us the details to and we will create a customized estimate for you.

9. Is there are a limit on the amount of virtual employees I can hire?There is no limit! You have access to our growing team of just over 200 experts.

10. Is this process private? Do I have to give credit to Globalmark?The process is 100% private! It is for you to decide whether you want your customers to know that you outsource your team or not. We will never publish your logo without your approval.

11. Can I schedule monthly video call meetings?Yes, you can under request.

12. Can my virtual employees work on weekends instead of weekdays?Yes, under request you can replace weekdays for weekends with advance notice of one week (minimum). However, if you wish to add weekend hours on top of weekdays, those would be extra hours that will be billed for.

13. I already have graphic designers, web developers etc., will my in-house employees be able to work hand-in-hand with my virtual employees?Yes, we can provide your in-house employees access to our integrative platform to allow your virtual and in-house employees to work together.

14. Is there a limit on the amount projects I can assign my virtual employees per day?There are no limits. However, you should keep in consideration whether the number of projects requested is feasible in the amount of hours you have paid your virtual employee.

15. Do my virtual employees have a backup of all of my past and present projects?Yes, we keep a backup of all your project files during your contract period. However, we always recommend companies to retain their respective backup copies as well.

16. How can I ensure that my virtual team has all the information they need for each project?We will provide you with a series of brief templates and formats and you will also receive constant feedback from your designated account manager. This will inform you if they need more information.

17. How can I track my projects?You will receive consistent reports from your account managers.

18. Can I conduct a screenshare for some projects?Yes,  you can request this to your account manager.

19. Will my virtual employee be employed by me?Your virtual employee is legally employed by Globalmark and works directly and exclusively for you (the client) from our supervised office.

20. I want to hire a big team, does Globalmark have such infrastructure?Yes! We have over 200 experts and are continuing to grow.

21. How will I be able to send proper estimates to my clients?You will be able to ask your account manager and inform them with the project requirements and your account manager will give you an estimated deadline for the project to be delivered. You will be able to base your prices according to the estimated amount of hours considered by your account manager and also provide your client with an estimated deadline on when they will receive the final product.

22. Do I have to worry about employee insurance, vacations, payroll, and taxes?No! That’s the beauty of hiring your virtual employees! We will take care of the HR aspect of your virtual employees.

23. What is the billing schedule?Your billing schedule will follow the standard payroll schedule of bi-weekly payments.  

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